Artists background:
二犬十一咪 (Seemanho)
Installation artist, painter, writer and handpan player.
seemanho likes the microscopic Universe. Her works always indicate Nature and life. With her understanding to the nature and human world, her works of art are inspiring and influential which attempts to depict the conflict between mankind and the environment through artistic expression.


Just before her graduation from the Bachelor course of Fashion Design in the Hong Kong Polytechnics University, she had her first book published. Her works and articles have been regularly published in various magazines and newspapers including Ming Pao Daily, City Magazine, Ming magazine, Oriental Daily, the Sun Daily, Sing Tao Daily, Sing Pao Daily News, Cream magazine and East Touch magazine. Her book“They are the eyes of equals ”was published in 2013 which summarizes her intimate interaction with Animal Liberation.
Seemanho. Making Clothes .Making Herbal Soup” was awarded Bronze Prize in Book Design in the Hong Kong Designers Association Awards 2005. Her animation work titled “The circus of n_n, v_v”, was invited to participate in the Hong Kong International Film Festival and France Short Film Festival (France).
Apart from her career as an artist and writer, seemanho is also a theatre director and theatre costume designer. She has participated in various theatre activities and projects. She is the handpan and drum player from 2016. Her first music performance “Walking on the lake” (Handpan+poem) in 2017.
Her installation exhibition, “A Tree To Be Found” was awarded in the Hong Kong Art Biennial 2003. This work was subsequently purchased and collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Other than in Hong Kong, her works have been exhibited in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, China, France, Taiwan, Singapore UK and USA, etc.
2005 and 2012, seemanho set up an art and design gallery, “Seeman Backyard”, in Peel Street of Central. She experimented her one-year exhibition project there as well as to promote Hong Kong original creation and the concept of environmental conservation. She has been invited as residential artist in USA (2006/2007/ 2014), Hong Kong (2005) and France (2002) for international artist exchange program.
Other than commissions from commercial companies like Chanel, the United Colors of Benetton, LUSH, MTR, Vita, Avalon Organics, Maxim’s Group and Watson’s Group, seemanho has been invited by organizations such as Oxfam, Green Peace, The Arts with the Disabled Association, N.T. Heung Yee Kuk Muiwo District, Association Concerning Sexual Violence against Women, the Association for the Advancement of Feminism, etc., to create artworks for presenting project concepts. Most of the themes of these works are about natural environment and equality.
seemanho endeavors to introduce to Hong Kong a new art form – “eco art” in 2010, (“Reclamation exercise Eco art Exhibition”) hoping to promote “art-diversity” in Hong Kong.
She was the radio and webcast host of two animal rights‘ programmes “Animal Panic” and “Circle Round,  Animal & Plants” in 2013.  And formed the Friends of Mui Wo Cattle(FOMC) to promote the conservation of local cattle. She is also Chairman of FOMC.
二犬十一咪 (Ho-seeman)
  • 裝置藝術,畫畫,寫字,音樂,及木紙雕塑。
  • 二犬作品充滿自然氣息,像詩般故事。意涵多探討生命平等,一向喜歡使用被遺棄之物料創作。透過作品,思考自然世界和人類世界的矛盾。
  • 理工大學設計系畢業之前,出版第一部繪本。畫作和文章常見於報紙及雜誌 (號外雜誌、明週、明報、東方日報、太陽報、星島日報、溫暖人間、成報等) 。
  • 裝置<有棵沒人種的樹>屬香港藝術雙年展2003年得獎作品,該作品現被香港藝術館收藏。
  • <二犬。車花衫。煲藥湯>獲HKDA2005書籍設計銅獎。動畫作品<The Circus of n_n, v_v>被邀請放映於香港國際電影節及法國短片節。
  • 二犬也是一位劇場導演,HANDPAN與TONGUE DRUM樂手,及劇場服裝設計師。2017,她第一個音樂作品《在湖上散步》Walking on the lake(音樂+錄像+詩)作品出現。同年亦開始了一連串音樂演出。
  • 2005年,二犬於中環成立<二犬backyard>展覽作品同時,推動本土文化及ECO概念。香港以外,作品被邀展於西班牙、葡萄牙、瑞士、法國、美國、日本、台灣及新加坡等地。於 2002年,她曾到法國當國際駐場藝術家, 2006/ 2007及2014年, 二犬到美國當國際駐場藝術家, 展覽作品被私人收藏。
  • 除了跟Chanelthe United Colors of BenettonAvalon OrganicsLUCH地下鐵維他公司美心集團屈臣等商業機構合作外,她也與樂施會綠色和平展能藝術會關注婦女性暴力協會及香港電台 等機構合作。以畫作表現保育生態與平等主意概念。
  • 2010年二犬把ECO ART進口來香港,同年策劃及創作<回收作業>生態藝術展覽,希望推動香港藝術多樣性。
  • 她為兩個動物維權節目<Animal Panic>及<動植物氹氹轉>的電台/視頻主持。並成立FOMC(梅窩牛牛之友),推動地區黃牛保育,也是FOMC主席。
  • 2013出版作品 <動物權益誌>,是香港第一本動物通識、認知研習本。具本土性的動物書寫。2012年出版繪本 “宇宙氹氹轉”,探討動物權益和動物保育。